Another London 2012 Fuck-Up

On a completely different note (to my earlier post), London 2012 has been off to a blundering start, yet it hasn’t dampened the spirits of London mayor Boris Johnson or Olympic fans in Hyde Park.

Thanks for the brilliant speech BoJo, but are you sure we’re ready? Perhaps someone could please explain how the South Korean flag was mistaken for the North Korean flag in Wednesday’s embarrassing flag incident? I know people make mistakes, but these days it’s pretty difficult to mix up country flags with Google around. I suppose if I were North Korean I wouldn’t find it the least bit funny, but at least they got the Korean bit right and didn’t put up, erm, a Japanese flag. Harsh, but true!

In any case, I’m happy to see that Sepcsavers has taken advantage of the situation and put out a great advert in the Metro. It’s always better to find humour in an awkward situation than to get your knickers in a tighter twist.

Yet, I can’t help thinking that had they started the games after the Opening Ceremony we may have been able to avoid the flag blunder. Just maybe? It simply doesn’t feel right to start the games before the official ceremony. I appreciate that the LOCOG have a lot on their plate, but they kind of did have four years to plan this.

Which brings me to today’s Olympics gaffe at Lord’s, which may not entirely be the fault of the LOCOG.  But perhaps the wording on the official archery event site could have been clearer and stated that it would be CLOSED to the public, instead of leaving room for confusion. And I’m sorry archery fans, but you ought to know better than to purchase tickets from an unofficial website.

That’s all for this week’s London 2012 blunders. I hope there won’t be many more to come! And with that, I’ll leave you on a lighter note with one last little gaffe involving Jeremy Hunt and an Olympic bell disco remix.  Enjoy!

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