Happy Moomin Day! 

I had all these grand things planned for Moomin Day but in the end work got in the way and to be honest, I’ve been glued to the telly this entire Olympics. That’s not to say I didn’t celebrate Moomin Day at all. Just don’t ask me where the fish pie is as I haven’t gotten around to making it (yet)!

I started the day off with some lovely ginger shortbread from Shortbread House of Edinburgh and a lovely cuppa Fortnum’s Countess Grey in my favourite Moomin mug. I did some Moomin card crafting, which you can download free from Afternoon Tea (click on the download button and save the PDF to your computer), and also managed to sneak in the last few chapters of The Summer Book during the day.  What genius — a nod to Ginger, Moomin and Tove Jansson all in one go!

Oh and before I forget, 村井くん, here’s wishing you a fabulous year! Who knew that you shared your birthday with a literary genius?! Ufufu. To make up for all these years I refused to believe we weren’t birthday buds, お誕生日おめでとうございます!

I even let Muumi (standing, left) and Moomin (Celtic F.C. supporter, right) come out to play!

I hope you all had a lovely Moomin Day, however you ended up celebrating it.  Now go soak up the last days of London 2012!  I’m certainly sad to see the games come to an end but I suppose there’s Rio 2016 to look forward to!

8 thoughts on “Happy Moomin Day! 

  1. Hello, I’m glad I found someone who loves moomins and celebrates Tove Jansson’s birthday! I had a special post on that occasion in my blog, too! I see you’ve written a lot about moomins , so it’ll be a pleasure to read it! Best wishes!

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