Snapshot of West Iceland

We didn’t have much trouble deciding how far we should go on the second day of our car hire. It would be our final full day in Iceland, but we were absolutely knackered from our 21 hour drive the day before so we chose to stick to West Iceland. It ended up being a relaxing 10 hour drive and we were able to get a closer look at some Icelandic towns. West Iceland isn’t as popular of a tourist destination as South Iceland, but in a way that made it more special.

Borgarnes — one of the few coastal towns in Iceland not dependent on fishing


Fresh fish and hverabrauð or “hot spring bread” (bread baked using geothermal heat) from The Settlement Centre – Borgarnes


Moss covered lava fields — spongy soft and fun to walk on


Icelandic sheep — like Kiwi sheep they’re everywhere but seem to have a lot more freedom and definitely more space


Ólafsvík Church, West Iceland


Ólafsvík Harbour


Having a bit of fun with my camera at Ólafsvík Harbour


My favourite photograph of Ólafsvík Harbour


Sjomannagardur – Maritime museum in Hellissandur


On our way back to Reykjavik

6 thoughts on “Snapshot of West Iceland

    • Haha, thank you! I think it’s funny how the digital age has allowed people to take photos of things like food without feeling guilty. I take pics w/my Android phone sometimes — phone cameras have gotten to be quite good!

  1. Thank you for showing a completely unknown world to me! The colours are pure and “sharp”, the forms are somehow different, the reflections are amazing! There’s something magical…

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