The Laundromat Cafe

Welcome to The Laundromat Cafe, where you can grab a bite to eat, read a book and surf the net all while you wait for your laundry! It’s also a place where you can feel comfortable breast feeding because they love both babies and boobs!

I was so happy to have found what I thought might be an iconic Icelandic cafe but as my friend from Denmark later told me, there are several of these cafes in Denmark. The Laundromat Cafe was founded by four Icelandic friends in Copenhagen in 2004.  In that sense, I’d say it is still originally Icelandic even though it wasn’t until March 2011 that The Laundromat Cafe opened in Austurstræti 9 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

We were after a quick bite before heading to Keflavik Airport so couldn’t stay long to browse the books. I had feared it would be the Icelandic equivalent to American diner food (which is often too greasy) but the food was surprisingly tasty. Not to mention, fresh fruit in Iceland is hard to come by and also very expensive so I was excited to see such a huge assortment of fruit for only 990 krona.

Dirty breakfast, fruit dish and fresh bread

I love the decor of the cafe and the restaurant gets an extra star for being kid friendly and having a fun play area.

Not to mention, they have such a cute sign for the toilets and what looks to be little hooks for children’s coats. How thoughtful!

We had our own washer/dryer in our flat but this place definitely seems great for travellers staying in city centre who don’t have access to a launderette.  As you can see, the machines are actually quite nice, unlike a lot of self-service launderettes (at least from what I’ve seen in films).

So would we come back again? I reckon we would as the food was reasonably priced (for Iceland) and tasty and I just love the whole relaxed atmosphere. And of course I would recommend putting The Laundromat Cafe on your list of places to eat while in Iceland!

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