Lost And Found In Iceland: Are You Looking For Me?

Have you ever been reported missing and not realised it? Or even better, have you ever joined a search party to look for yourself? Having recently joined a tour group in Iceland, I found this story to be particularly endearing and not to mention, incredibly funny.

On 25 August 2012, more than 50 people were involved in an extensive search and rescue operation around the volcanic region of Eldgjá in Iceland’s southern highlands in search of a missing member of a tour party. The tour guide reported the passenger as missing after a woman failed to return to the bus after more than an hour. The Metro reported that the tourist (described as being ‘of Asian origin, aged 20-30, about 160cm, wearing dark clothing and speaks fluent English’) had failed to recognise the description of herself.

Fair enough, if you take into account how many other tourists may have fit the description. I kept thinking, that could have easily been me (aside from the fact that G and the hubs would’ve noticed if I had gone missing, or so I would hope)! But what I’d really like to know is if Gunther had been the tour guide for this group!

We all know that being lost in the wilderness is no laughing matter, but especially in Iceland where temperatures can drop drastically even in summer. That said, it was a good job a helicopter hadn’t been sent out as the search was eventually called off after the missing woman was found ‘alive and well with the rest of the tour party’. But honestly, who would have thought that a simple change of clothes before getting back on a tour bus could cause so much trouble! Why they didn’t read off the names of people on the tour is beyond me. It would have saved a lot of time and trouble.

There are numerous stories about missing tourists dying due to exposure to the elements, so thankfully nobody was injured or killed in this incident. I love this story because it has a happy ending, although I still can’t believe it actually happened and in Iceland of all places! Further details of the story can be found online at Iceland Review.

4 thoughts on “Lost And Found In Iceland: Are You Looking For Me?

  1. We also read this and laughed a lot I must admit. But this wasn’t a normal tour bus driving around the same tourists for days. It was just a normal bus, like the ones driving between the cities, and so they don’t know the names of the tourists and they don’t always do a head count. But I still thought it was super weird that the girl didn’t know that they were all looking for her….Funny story with a happy ending 😉

    • Ah, but interesting that they still waited for people to get on and off at different stops and good thing they ‘noticed’ she was missing. There’s something comforting about that — being looked out for, especially in Iceland. 🙂

    • Haha! In her defense, we don’t know if there were others that may have fit the same description. 😛 That said, this sounds like it could happen to me, but good job I usually travel with others so they can tell me, it’s me!

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