Political Party Quiz: Where Do You Stand?

Now here’s something I rarely blog about (in fact, this may be my fist): US Politics! But seeing as there’s that overly hyped thing called the 2012 US Presidential Election going on, I thought I would humour the Ginge and take this quiz. It consists of only 12 questions and covers issues regarding the environment, immigration, debt and healthcare, to name a few.

I’ve always considered myself overall to be a ‘relaxed conservative’, if such a term exists (perhaps the correct term would be ‘moderate’ conservative), and I lean more toward UKIP than Labour these days. But my overall results show that I am what Americans would call a ‘moderate democrat’:

So what does all this mean? To be honest, I’m not really sure. The Ginge and I share the same views when it comes to social issues, which seems to involve a lot of common sense.  According to the results, I’d be deemed as ‘very liberal’.

But apparently when it comes to economics, I think money grows on trees. Ha! But doesn’t it?

Although 12 questions may not seem like enough to determine one’s political standing, I thought the questions touched on key points. And the results essentially show that politically, I’m all over the map and you simply can’t fit me into one neat little box! And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I refuse to align myself with any party. One day perhaps I’ll come across one that actually fulfills all of my expectations but until then, you can save your breath on trying to convince me to join your party.

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