Flying With Moomin

Perhaps a Moomin hot air balloon ride isn’t the most practical form of travel, so instead I have directed my focus on deciphering how we can take advantage of the Moomin Saver tickets from Finnair.  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a great offer and qualify for the Moomin Campagin?

But alas, none of these guarantee a flight on one of the Moomin Boeing MD-11 or Finnair Airbus A340-300 aircrafts! Not to mention, I don’t foresee us flying from Finland to Japan in 2014 unless my darling Y gets married at that time. That’s a seed I may have to plant in her head!

This may end up being another one of those, better to stay on land and take photos from afar type of ideas. I’m not even certain that these planes will still be in service as the Moomin flight campaign was launched in 2006. But we’ll find out soon enough when I start booking our Finland adventure! As always, if you have any information on the Finnair flights, please do get in touch!

5 thoughts on “Flying With Moomin

  1. Yeaah! When I came to Japan for my first time I also flew with a Finnair Moomin plane!!
    So cute!
    And Finnair anyways is my favourite airline due to good service and fast connection to my home country Germany. ^^
    Are you Japanese? (Sorry for asking!!)

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