One Day I Went To Lidl

I would say that I have a ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’ attitude when it comes to music. But rap music is a hard one to sell to me. I appreciate artists like Jehst, Kanye West and Foreign Beggars but for the most part, I find many rap artists to be less than talented and their lyrics to be downright awful. And if Afrikan Boy and Skepta can ‘make it’ in the industry, it seems anyone can.

Remember the Lidl song? As much as it made me laugh, it also makes me cringe to know how many people truly appreciate it:

The same could be said of Skepta’s songs, like Thrown In The Bin:

I can’t decide which song is worse. I think in this instance Skepta’s lyrics are awful but the song doesn’t make me laugh. It just makes me want to turn it off, but Afrikan Boy is absolutely ludicrous. So in a sense, I guess that makes Lidl a better bad song, if that makes any sense. Perhaps the lesser of two evils? What do you think?

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