Moomin Invasion

7 September 2012 marked one year since I wrote my first Moomin related blog post, The Wonderful World of Moomin. Since then many of you have watched me plunge deeper into Moomin mania. I hadn’t even thought about it, but I should have expected the month of September would bring, as the hubs would call it, a Moomin invasion.

I suppose the Moomins had slowly been planning their attack all year long, month by month creeping into our house. And before we knew it, our entire dining table was covered in Moomin merchandise as the mother of all Moomin parcels arrived just in time for the weekend (with many thanks again to my darling Miss V)!

I had been anticipating the arrival of this parcel since August but even I had forgotten the contents of the box and am a bit embarrassed by how much I had actually ordered. That said, I am incredibly grateful to be able to treat myself to a few Moomin goodies now and again (a bit of an understatement, I know). I love it all but am especially excited about the new bath towels from Afternoon Tea:

And these lovely blue and red Moomin coasters:

And as if that wasn’t enough to keep me happy, I finally added Snorkmaiden to my Arabia mug and bowl collection (thanks to Artbox UK) which is due to arrive any day next week. After all this excitement, I reckon I should be able to stick to my Moomin Non-Purchasing Agreement for the rest of the erm…month (aiming for year, as we really must save for Finland 2014)!

9 thoughts on “Moomin Invasion

    • Haha! Considering I’m willing to spend thousands of pounds on procuring Moomin merchandise from around the world, that’s definitely never going to be happen! I hope there’s lots of new stuff for me to buy when we go in 2014! 🙂

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