From Moomin, With Love

September really has been all about Moomins, hasn’t it? And now here is more Moomin, albeit just a wee post to wish my dear brother a very happy birthday! Although I highly doubt he follows my blog, here’s wishing him a fantastic year full of love, health and happiness.

And while we’re celebrating birthdays with Moomins on this fine 28th September, I would also like to wish Miss V (G’s baby sister), many happy returns of the day. Hope you had a smashing time in Istanbul!

Here is the card I sent me brother — hope he loves it! You can also get your very own from Artbox!

4 thoughts on “From Moomin, With Love

  1. Hello! Maybe it ‘ll be hard for you to imagine that the “Moomin mania” is something completely unknown here, in Bulgaria. Have in mind that the beginning of translating Tove Jansson’s books was in the late 70-ies – the early 80-ies and it’s just in the last decade that they have been nearly all translated. All I’ve got were two pens with Moomin’s figure at the top (in yellow and pink), that appeared incidentally at a stationer’s. Thanks for the link, maybe I’ll order something on a family’s special occasion!:)) But there’s another charm in adoring Tove Jansson’s world – thanks only to her books, illustrations and your own imagination…

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