Glimpse Of Blackpool

Blackpool is often rated as Britian’s No. 1 holiday destination so it seems fitting that some friends would plan a nice weekend getaway there to experience the sights and sounds of the quaint seaside town (although I must admit, Blackpool doesn’t really compare to Brighton, which I much prefer). I suppose you could say it’s the closest thing the UK has to Disneyland. Here are some of the snaps they sent me!


You can’t go to Blackpool without visiting Blackpool Tower.

Sadly, there were no Moomins to be seen in Blackpool, but apparently there are tons of golleys to be won as prizes at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (where Valhalla was the ride of choice) and in shops.
And plenty of other interesting sightings, like the troll-like figures outside Donna’s Dream House.

From the look of things, Blackpool seems to embrace the concept of ‘American’ portions with their massive chocolate eclairs and generous cake sizes!


I love the economically friendly food prices.


Finally, you can’t leave Blackpool without checking out the the magical Blackpool Tower Ballroom, which I must admit if I were to visit Blackpool it would mainly be to give ballroom dancing a go and witness the grand entrance of the flashy organ.
Have you ever been to Blackpool? What’s your favourite spot in town? I’ve got mixed reviews of the place and unfortunately, according to recent holiday reports, it was neither quaint nor nice — in fact it was dark and nasty with lots of drunken fights. There also seems to be a rehousing project under way for paedophiles but not sure that should stop anyone from having a good time! Does that sound odd? I’m trying to be fair here and my friends did seem to enjoy themselves!

4 thoughts on “Glimpse Of Blackpool

  1. I haven’t been to Blackpool – I would imagine it does attract a lot of people who are out for a cheap night out. It’s probably somewhere that was really lovely but been spoiled by tourism, a bit like Newquay which I was really depressed by on my last visit.

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