Awkward Apology From Michael Gove

Nothing much has changed Mr. Gove. We’re all cringing with you. (Michael Gove apology – Daily Mail)

30 years on and Education Secretary Michael Gove is still indulging in ‘pathetic showing-off’ — most recently with an insincere public apology to his former French teacher, Danny Montgomery, for misbehaving in class three decades ago. As BBC reports, in his letter Gove acknowledges (with little regret) that he may have missed out due to his poor behaviour but thanks Mr. Montgomery for his patience and perseverance. To add to the cheese, he also writes:

“And you were a great teacher – one of many who helped introduce me to the work of great thinkers and writers – and thus gave me the greatest gift of all – the chance to write my own life story.”

Why must you make me cringe at your every word and make feel like vomming, Gove? I really didn’t see the point of this awkward apology — oh wait, it was simply a stunt to publicise this year’s Teaching Awards. I love that National Union of Teachers general secretary Christine Blower also picked up on his bollocks: “So Mr Gove recognises that teachers are not the enemies of promise or happy with mediocrity as he previously asserted.” As we have all seen, and as The Guardian would agree, it is he that is the enemy of promise. I’m seriously concerned for the future of Britain under politicians like Gove. Now can someone remind me of when the next election is? I’m afraid not soon enough.

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