fromFinland, With Love (Complete With 10% OFF)

To celebrate the lifting of my Moomin embargo I would like to share a lovely offer with you. Earlier in October I introduced the Moomin Product Gallery in addition to two Finnish shops that deliver worldwide, one of which was very kind to contact me and offer you, my lovely blog friends, a special discount! carries everything from cloudberry jelly to creamy smoked reindeer soup and of course a modest but solid supply of Moomin goodies–all the necessities to satisfy your Moomin candy cravings! Not to mention, they were the only shop to respond to my product request to carry Moomin tea packets! I’m so excited!

Product photos from

Product photos from

In addition to the teas, here is a sample of what I will be ordering now that October is over and the Moomin ban has been lifted:

Product photos from

I’m an absolute supporter of entrepreneurs and small businesses and love’s mission:

“99.1 % of Finnish companies employ less than 50 people*. In practice this means that Finnish companies are too small for the international market. A large number of wonderful Finnish products will remain unknown even among the Finnish consumers because the companies are too small to manufacture the quantities required by large chains. We wish to offer even the small companies a possibility to get their products on both domestic and international markets. At the same time, the entrepreneurs can better concentrate on their own work while handles the marketing and sales.”

I hope you’ll join me in supporting this great business. Starting 1 November – 14 November, will be offering 10% off your entire purchase. Just enter the discount code CF10 at checkout! And just so you’re all aware, the prices shown on the website include VAT (13% for food and drink, 23% for other items, including shampoo, games, etc.). VAT will also be deducted for all orders placed from outside of Finland at checkout. All in all, I’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal and a great place to begin your Christmas shopping. Now go stock up on your favourite Finnish delights!

**If you have any questions or problems with shopping on, please contact them at or via Twitter @fromFinland_fi. They will be more than happy to help you!**

7 thoughts on “fromFinland, With Love (Complete With 10% OFF)

  1. Ohh I remember those cookies, we have them in Sweden and I loved them when I was a kid 🙂 Had completely forgotten about them until I saw your picture.

      • Thank you, it was really nice to be home 🙂 About the staying warm part, then it’s not too easy if you want to go outside, the weather isn’t that great these days. It’s very windy and cold. But I’m still loving it 🙂 Just waiting for the snow!

  2. I remember those Moomin things but do you know Moomin sheets called “Hippamuumi”? I have tried to sell them but no one interested about them here in Finland. These sheets are babies size. They are also quite rare in here because Finlayson (whose product is this) don’t do them anymore.

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