The Story Behind Moominmamma Strawberry Jam

I recently learned from my contact at that the manufacturers of Moominmamma strawberry jam (Muumimamman mansikkahillo), who also make Little My ketchup (Pikkumyyn herkkuketsupit), will no longer be making the jam. I was saddened to hear this and wanted to learn more about the company and share this important Moomin news with you. I am so grateful to the owners, who were incredibly helpful in putting together a response to my questions regarding their company and future goals.

The Company

Suomen Luomutuottajat Oy was founded in December 2009 with a mission to bring healthier and tastier food products to the Finnish market and to become a reliable supplier to both wholesalers and retailers. They started out with Little My ketchup in June 2010 and launched an organic sister product in November 2011. The ketchup business has grown steadily and is currently the base of their business.

Moominmamma strawberry jam was also launched in November 2011, but unfortunately they’ve decided to discontinue production of the jam only very recently, due to slow sales. They do see a possibility to restart production in the future but would need a broader customer base to make production worthwhile.

The Team

The team consists of three partners, Jan, Tomi and Mikko, who all have day jobs on top of their passion for creating wholesome Moomin products. They have been friends for thirty years and attended the same secondary school back in the 80’s. They all enjoy cooking good food for their families and friends, and their children have served as a critical test group when creating the various recipes.

Tomi is the Managing Director in two successful Finnish companies and has over a decade of experience in the consumer business. Mikko’s expertise comes from business law and general counseling, and Jan has many years of experience in controlling and handling daily sales and logistics operations in the Nordics. As a result, the varied roles in their company have come naturally to them.

The Future

Suomen Luomutuottajat Oy hope to launch new products with the same concept: good quality, healthy, locally and ethically produced products. They would also like t to broaden their target market to neighbouring countries like Sweden and Russia and have even reached out to a contact in Japan (which I’m sure is exciting news for Japanese Moomin fans)!

Moomin World closed its gates at the end of August, and the jam was sold at the two kiosks on site. The last batch of jam has a best-before date of January 2013, so the jams will soon become a rare commodity. While in production, Moominmamma strawberry jam was the only berry jam on the market to be made of 60% strawberries, using far less sugar compared to other jams and therefore perfect for your little ones.

I am certainly happy I decided to order the jam from instead of waiting until our trip to Finland in 2014! I would’ve been gutted had there been no jam left. In an attempt to find me the freshest batch of jam, personally picked up the final two jars of this delicious jam straight from one of the owners’ home. Massive kiitos to both the owners and my contact for making me feel so blessed and happy! You may still be able to find a few jars at Moomin World’s online shop and Suomikauppa but you’ll want to act fast. I do hope Suomen Luomutuottajat Oy will find a way to start making the jam again!

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