The Journey – A Not So Perfect Christmas Advert

Remember last year’s John Lewis Christmas advert? You know, the one which featured a little boy who could not wait to give his parents the perfect gift on Christmas morning? I loved it to bits. It was simply the perfect ad and I wasn’t sure if anything could top the multi-award winning campaign. Sadly, I was right.

The idea behind the new John Lewis Christmas advert is sweet but I’m not sure Gabrielle Aplin’s cover of  Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Power of Love’ was the best song choice. Don’t get be wrong, Gabrielle’s version is beautiful but just not for a Christmas ad. It’s almost haunting and made me feel a bit sad. I was certain something bad was going to happen to Mr. Snowman (luckily, he made it back ‘alive’), but it certainly didn’t inspire me to rush out to John Lewis to ‘give a little more this Christmas’ (the 2011 ad did a much better job of that). What do you think? Which advert do you prefer?

*Update* Apparently, I’m not the only one who wasn’t keen on this year’s advert. Here is Charlie Brooker’s response: 2012’s Christmas adverts: horrible singers, horny snowmen and horrendous slave labour.


9 thoughts on “The Journey – A Not So Perfect Christmas Advert

  1. You’re right this one makes you kind of sad 😦 But it did have a cute ending, so guess that’s always something.

  2. I loved last years John Lewis ad too! This year I really don’t like the littlewoods one all the gifts are crazy expensive and that’s not what Christmas is about 😦

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