Sleeping Around

If I knew it would be 100% safe and I wouldn’t wake up trapped in the middle of the ocean, I reckon I’d give this new quirky one-room hotel, from Sleeping Around (€199), a go. Essentially these rooms are made from 20 feet shipping containers transformed into a compact but luxurious hotel room with all the necessary comforts for a good night’s sleep.

Your container would come fully equipped with a box spring bed, a bathroom most likely better designed than the one at home, air conditioning and a docking station.

The shipping container is making its way around Europe and is currently at Scheldekaai, 2000 Antwerp, and you can suggest possible locations on their website. Judging by the photos, the room does look nice and cosy, but I wonder if you can call for room service? What do you reckon? Would you try Sleeping Around?

**All images borrowed from photo gallery at**

6 thoughts on “Sleeping Around

  1. That is so cool! The rooms does look nice, but like you I’m not sure I’ll be brave enough to try it. Still it’s a really cool idea 🙂

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