The Hunt For Moomin Coasters

What could be more perfect than Moomin comic range coasters from Opto Design? Sadly, I have not been able to find an online shop that sells the entire range (which also has reasonable shipping rates) so I’ve had to do some creative poking about. I was thrilled to see that Artbox started selling some of them and quickly snatched these up:

Stock photos from

These coasters are sturdy and make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion! I contacted Artbox to see if they’d be getting any other designs in and at the moment there is nothing in the pipeline, but if the coasters do well they may consider stocking more in the future! Erm…so please start ordering now! (^-^)v

As you may have guessed, my October Moomin embargo resulted in a catastrophic Moomin spending spree. I’ve started to feel rather guilty about it, but once I get an idea in my head it’s hard for me to let go (if only I could be as dedicated to my coursework as I am to Moomins). I continued to scour the almighty interweb for possible signs of more coasters.

Behold: Free Design at Global Rakuten! Some shops, like Free Design, are able to ship abroad at reasonable rates as part of a ‘shopping service’. I’ve never utilised one of these services before but I’m too ashamed to trouble my darling V for yet another shipment so I decided to give it a go. My order is in process and I should have a total of 8 lovely Moomin coasters before Christmas!

But alas, I am still missing two designs and hope to somehow procure them soon! If you know of a shop that offers international shipping that carries these two coasters, please let me know! **UPDATE** Thanks to the beloved, Adele Pennington (one of UK’s leading experts in all things Moomin), the hunt for Moomin comic range coasters is over and my collection is complete (for now, ufufu). Please note that Northlight only ships within the UK.

“Too Close”


13 thoughts on “The Hunt For Moomin Coasters

  1. Cute 😉 Before I started reading your blog I didn’t care much for Moomin, they were just something I read when I was a kid. But now I see Moomin things all over 🙂 Like today I saw some Moomin things at the public library here in Reykjavík 🙂 If it wasn’t for your blog I would probably not even had noticed them at all. But now I had to stop and look at them 😉

    • Huzzah for Moomins! 🙂 They are a great source of comfort and joy for me so I’m happy to hear you’ve started to notice them again and that they’re becoming more prominent in Iceland! There’s even Moomin at Harpa! 😉

    • Hi Anni!
      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind offer! Wow, 34?! That’s quite a collection you’ve got going there. I love the beautiful colours and quality of these coasters. I’ve managed to find all 10 of my favourite and just ordered 4 of the red Moomin Christmas ones but I’m sure there are more that I don’t know about! Sadly, I need to stop collecting stuff for a while…let’s just say my husband is not too impressed with Moomin taking over our small flat. 😛
      Ai x

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