Moomin Gingerbread Success

I haven’t put on my baker’s hat ever since my lemon Moomin biscuit fail earlier this year. But seeing it’s Christmas and all, I decided to give Moomin gingerbread a go and to my absolute delight, they came out perfect so I’m happy to share with you my success (in photos)!

Moomin Wreath

Right. So if the hubs is reading this he might be tempted to interject and point out that perhaps ‘perfect’ is an overstatement.  I’ll admit the first batch of mini Moomin and Moominmamma tasted more like spiced burnt dough than gingerbread but after switching to the larger sized cutters and adjusting the baking time I was able to produce three batches of Moomin gingerbread to share with friends and spread some Moomin Christmas cheer.

Big Moomin Gingerbread

If you have had any Moomin baking successes, please share your recipes with us!

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