Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a marvelous time doing whatever you got up to and no doubt some of you are nursing hangovers about now. Ufufu…

What is Duty

I’m not one for making promises I can’t keep and I really do hate making ‘resolutions’ just for the sake of making them. That said, I do have a few big goals for 2013 which I do hope to obtain well before the year is over, especially in health. 2013 will be the year of mind and body. I WILL lose 2 stone — will eat less [crap] and move more (at least 3 times per week).

This is going to be incredibly difficult but I will adhere to my Moomin Non-Purchasing Agreement for the months of January, February, March, and see how that goes. If I can stay strong I’ll add April, and May to the mix as 2013 will be a year of austerity for our household. One must save for Finland 2014, amongst other things!

This all might not seem like much, but it is! And perhaps I’ll be able to cross a few things off me bucket list, as well. So there you have it! How about you? Have you got a list of goals for 2013?

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Wonder which will be more difficult – I bet it’s the Non-Purchasing Agreement! πŸ™‚ I don’t have any real resolutions aside from eating better. I did way more running than normal last year and have still finished the year heavier. The main culprit is eating the junk food that is always lying around the office. I’m going to cut way back on that.

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