Tea-lightful Washi Tapes

I feel as though I’ve risen from the dead. Being ill is not fun especially when it involves persistent vomiting — but I’ll spare you the details. I’m just happy to be healthy again and to have had some time to rest and even work on a simple but fun crafting project! Whilst scouring the interweb for new Moomin (shame on me…more on this in another post) I was reminded of my modest collection of washi tapes.

washi tapesAnd as I was going through my crafting boxes I came across a box of tea light candles, which led to the idea of decorating the tea lights with washi tape and some fun matching twist ties. I doubt I’m the first to think of this but thought I’d share the fruits of my labour with you all!

They make for great ‘any occasion’ gifts — I’m thinking a few workmates might enjoy these with their sweethearts for Valentine’s Day! Have you got a favourite washi tape provider or fun craft ideas? Please share them with us and happy taping!

tapes stack

6 thoughts on “Tea-lightful Washi Tapes

  1. A great idea! The tea light candles look lovely in their new “dresses”! I’m sure you’ll make lots of people smile and spend wonderful moments in a candle atmosphere!:D
    It’s good that you feel O.K. now! I wish you health, laugh, love, new adventures and trips in 2013! And new members of the Moomin family and friends to enlarge your collection!;-)

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