Moomin Pancakes

I was so excited to find these silicone moulds to make Moomin pancakes — I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to take them out of their boxes. And what better day to give them a go than Pancake Day?! Right. Now kill the optimism.

I ought to know by now that nothing I set out to do in the kitchen ever turns out the way I imagine in my head! So here we have some gradient (or how about multiracial?) Moomin pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, posted on Ash Wednesday. Such as well — my poor Moomins are practically covered in ash…

Moomin Pancakes

10 thoughts on “Moomin Pancakes

  1. Hippo pancakes! Where did you purchase them?

    The lady wife and I enjoyed Tesco pancakes with chocolate centres – 85p for a packet of 8 – not the cheap variety. Simply heat in the microwave to enjoy and no hassle of having to flip them!

    • Oh my! They’re Moomins, not hippos! Haha. Moomins are trolls, created by Tove Jansson! And these are homemade using a Moomin-shaped silicone mould to create the shapes…and hence the burnt results.😛 The Tesco ones sound lovely!:)

  2. Don’t worry you’re not the only one who burn things in the kitchen, I do it all the time😉 If it wasn’t for my bf I would never get a home-cooked meal:)

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