Have A Washi-ful Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always found the concept of Valentine’s day to be a bit odd, especially in Japan where women shower men with chocolates and homemade treats but guys don’t have to give anything in return. That is, until March 14, otherwise known as White Day (ホワイトデー).

Washi tape Valentine's cards

Another part of Valentine’s Day in Japan is the custom of gifting ‘obligatory chocolate’ (義理チョコ) to male co-workers, casual acquaintances, and others to whom women have no romantic attachment. Quite a rubbish custom if you ask me as it breeds a culture of men ‘returning the favour’ but never giving from the heart!

Washi tape Valentine's cards 2

Having said all that said, I never miss an opportunity to put my washi-tapes to good use! And even though I get annoyed by all the crazy commercial hype that we’re all subjected to on this day, I had so much fun making these cards and treats I hope all the recipients feel loved!

washi cookies

5 thoughts on “Have A Washi-ful Valentine’s Day!

  1. I also feel like Valentines Day is a bit unnecessary, but still I never complain when my bf comes home with candy or something else sweet 😉
    The cards look very cute!

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