UK Exclusive Moomin Mugs

Since I’ve been failing to adhere to my self-imposed Moomin Non-Purchasing Agreement, I thought I’d bring God into the matter and see if I could give up Moomin for Lent. So far it’s worked! Just the other day I saw some new Moomin pyjamas at Topshop but decided not to get them. That said, I made sure to order these UK exclusive Moomin mugs (sold at John Lewis for £9.95 each and Artbox for £9.20 each) just before the clock struck midnight on Pancake Day. Clever, I know!

Friendship Mug and Tea Time Mug

Friendship and Tea Time

Which one do you like? Companionship and Tea Time are my favourite.

Companionship and Love Story

Companionship and Love Story

12 thoughts on “UK Exclusive Moomin Mugs

  1. ‘teatime’ and ‘companionship’ are my favorites! i need to get my hands on those before it’s too late. i am still grieving that i missed out on the stockmann arabia special edition mug last december. i had a friend visiting helsinki exactly on the day they went on sale. alas, i had no idea 😦 and now – they’re sold out.

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