Moomin Challenge

In the midst of my month of misery, I was happy to receive a boost from an article featured in BuzzFeed, “50 Lessons That Moomins Can Teach You About Life“.  Pay close attention to lesson #35 (anyone who loves pancakes or Moomins is probably a-ok) — do those Moomin pancakes look familiar? Ufufu! Thanks for the mention Summer Anne Burton — we’re well chuffed!

Now that May is behind me I can focus on what the hubs has dubbed, the ‘Moomin Challenge’, inspired by two Icelandic adventurers.  And no, we’re not talking about abstaining from new Moomin purchases like we did for Lent. The idea of the Moomin Challenge is to get me moving and to stay moving. We’ve only just started with Week 1, and so far I feel confident about staying on course (it’s amazing how Moomins can transform one’s attitude about exercise)!

Moomin Challenge

Moomin Challenge

The entire challenge involves 20 weeks of running and walking with the aim of increasing my mileage and endurance. Generally novice runners begin with 15 minutes per session but we decided to go for 20 minutes minimum. By the end of September, I’ll have run close to 3000 minutes and goodness knows how many miles. This is a huge challenge for a non-athlete such as myself so the hubs came up with the brilliant idea of rewarding me with a Moomin prize, in addition to a fine dining experience of my choice! Now how could I not be motivated?!

Moomin Fun Tape

Running and tumbling Moomin fun tape from

Of course the true ‘prize’ is improved health but I think having an extra incentive is a great motivator for those who have trouble keeping their eye on the prize.

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