Moominful Birthday

It has turned out to be a very Moominful Birthday! And what a happy one at that! Continuing with the Moomin theme, my darling friends have showered me with so much Moomin love — I can’t stop smiling at how creative dear G got with the card below. You do love your Perrier these days! Ufufu.

20130703-172617.jpgI’m certainly going to have a difficult time deciding which t-shirt to wear to work on Monday (huzzah for long birthday weekend)!

New Moomin T's!And I can’t wait to get started on this massive 2,000 piece Moomin puzzle. Thank you so much again for bringing all these gifts back from Japan, Mr. T!

Moomin PuzzleI was also surprised to find all this Japan Moomin from Mr. W! I’m really loving the Moomin photo frame!

Moomin Japan

I certainly feel very blessed and not just because of all the Moomin goodies, but for having such wonderful and thoughtful friends who still take the time to show they care no matter how far apart we are!

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