Phase Two: Moomin Challenge

We’ve entered week 6 (aka Phase Two) of the 20 week Moomin Challenge and I’m happy to report that I’ve broken a new PR! Without having trained, my fastest race pace was 11:59 when I ran my first 8K.  Ever since then my pace has got slower. I doubted that I could ever break 12:00 again, that is until I ran 3 miles yesterday at 11:30. I’m well chuffed, to say the least and look forward  to seeing more improvements.  That said, I noticed while I was running that my legs had more to give but I was already gasping for air so I couldn’t go any faster. Not the best feeling when everything isn’t synced up, so I welcome any tips on how to increase lung capacity!

It seems my dear friends always know exactly when to give me a little Moomin boost. Continuing with the Moomin theme, look what else I received for me birthday! A lovely “super slim” Moomin bento box (not kidding, there was a 「超スリム」label on the box), complete with Moomin choppies! If I actually only ate what I could fit into this wee bento box, I could probably become “super slim” too…ha!

Moomin BentoThanks C for taking the time and effort to find this for me — I know it’s not easy for non-Moomin fans to find such gems!

Moomin Bento 2

And obviously, I’m not the only one with a July birthday — it just so happens to be Mr. W’s birthday today and even though we couldn’t fly to Japan to celebrate with him, we decided to do the next best thing and have a cute bunny matcha parfait in his honour! 亘さん、お誕生日おめでとうございます!

Matcha Parfait

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