Summer Harvest

It seems we no longer have to travel far to experience proper summer heat — hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather! That said, I know some of you (ahem) think a mere 21°C is unbearable so I can imagine that you’re probably not feeling too hot at the moment (no pun intended), considering temperatures are averaging 30°C these days. I hope you’re finding fun ways to stay cool and hydrated!  There’s always ice cold Perrier, right? (*^_ ^*)v

I’m not sure if I’ve ever blogged about our garden (technically hubs does most of the work), but we decided to have a summer harvest family do at the weekend, featuring delicious vegetables freshly picked from our garden.

Summer harvestWe usually have some sort of kale and silver beet (Swiss chard) growing but here’s what we don’t see until summer. This year we’ve added aubergine to the mix, in addition to courgette, heirloom tomatoes and those delicious mini orange ‘matoes that are better than candy!

Summer harvest - close up

What have you got growing in your garden?

6 thoughts on “Summer Harvest

  1. I have just planted leeks. We still have some chillies, rocket and silverbeet. Our citrus trees are providing a bountiful harvest at the moment. Grapefruit, lemon, lime and oranges.

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