A Birth-tea Surprise

The other day I received a lovely ‘birth-tea’ surprise from The G, and with that we continue our debate on tea: Twinings vs. Fortnum and Mason.  It will take me a while to try all the different tea available, but I can tell you now without a doubt that I would choose a cup of Countess Grey over Lady Grey any day. It’s my absolute all time favourite!

Russian Caravan and Afternoon TeaThanks to The G, I now have over 20 new teas to taste and compare!  In the coming months I’ll be writing short reviews on each tea and at some point we’ll come to the final verdict.

Twinings Tea Caddy

I love both tea caddies — each serves a different purpose.  Twinings, being more ‘practical’ and good for every day use and Fortnum and Mason more celebratory and decorative. Though I must say the Twinings caddy is also simple and elegant. The Fortnum and Mason caddy is a special blend of Coronation tea. I’d like to collect them all, especially the Empire and Celebration tins!

Fortnum and Mason Tea CaddyAnd we mustn’t forget our every day teas, such as Twinings’ Ceylon, which I must say is quite nice. I am generally a Yorkshire girl for every day tea but I may just mix it up and switch to this as it’s a lot smoother.

Twinings CeylonI suppose when you’re choosing the right tea, it really depends on your mood and what flavour profiles you prefer. I’m really looking forward to this tea exploration. Do you have a favourite that you think I should try?

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