True Colours of Moomin

The other day Mr. S showed me a Moomin light that his coworker had and of course I became obsessed with getting my hands on one, too.  It must be my lucky month as not long after I received two of these in the post — a belated birthday present from Japan!

Moomin Light

Here is Moomin showing off a more pastel look with the lights on…

Moomin Light - pastel

And now Moomin with the lights off for a more neon look…

Moomin light - neonNeedless to say, I’m super chuffed! The Moomin light has a nice calming effect and I could watch Moomin change colours for hours.  Which do you like better? Pastel or neon?


4 thoughts on “True Colours of Moomin

  1. They look really cool! 🙂 But I agree with that the neon ones are too Christmassy, so I would pick a pastel one. I kind of want one, maybe I can find one in Sweden during my next visit 😉

    • Oh, I should clarify that the pastel/neon are all the same Moomin — just that in one photo sequence the lights are on and the other one (neon), the lights are off! Haha. Hopefully you can find some in Sweden — they are from Japan so not sure how much is out there. Sometimes I find Japanese stuff on UK sites (like Artbox UK).

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