Floral Tea: Rose Garden

Rose Garden TwiningsRating: 4.5/5 

Rose Garden is a black tea lightly flavoured with rose petals and not only does it smell beautiful it actually tastes wonderful — a rare occasion where scent matches taste. I must admit I was rather skeptical before I opened up the packet but now I just want more.  I was utterly amazed by how fragrant the tea is, not to mention also extremely refreshing and soothing. It’s no wonder it  won the Great Taste Award 2012.  I’m relieved to know that Rose Garden is no longer a limited edition tea and is now permanently available, which is good news for me!

Do you have a favourite brand of rose tea that you reckon is better than Twinings?

3 thoughts on “Floral Tea: Rose Garden

  1. This is actually my favorite Twining tea, I couldn’t agree more about ow is smells almost exactly as it tastes I didn’t realize that it was no longer a limited edition! 😀 that’s so great, saying that, I still find it so hard to find 😦

    • Have you tried Fortnum and Mason’s Countess Grey? That’s my absolute favourite and now Rose Garden is probably my second! 🙂 You can probably buy it from the Twinings online shop (click on the Rose Garden link) or at the Twinings Strand shop and museum in London!

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