Which Earl Grey Are You?

I’ve been busy sipping tea and taking note of all the different Earl Grey blends Twinings has to offer. I was a bit surprised that the original Earl Grey didn’t quite tickle my fancy (I suppose I’ll always compare it to Fortnum and Mason’s more refined blend) and if I were to choose any cup of Twinings Earl Grey tea, I’d have to say Lavender Earl Grey wins. Which Earl Grey are you?

Twingins Earl Grey VarietiesEarl Grey

Rating: 3.8/5

Light, fragrant and with a distinctive bergamot and lemon flavour, or so it should be! This Earl Grey is good, but I still find that Fortnum and Mason’s Earl Grey to be much more fragrant and refined. I like the bergamot to be a bit more distinct, but not overpowering. That said, proper Twinings Earl Grey is much better than the tea distributed by Twinings International (which I’ve had the misfortune of trying), which tastes stale and flavourless!

Jasmine Earl Grey

Rating: 3/5

“There’s nothing like the fresh aroma of Jasmine” — I agree, but if only you could taste it! I love Jasmine tea and love Earl Grey as they are both incredibly fragrant teas so was excited to try this. In a word — disappointing. The Jasmine was too faint and in the end the tea tasted like a slightly bitter Earl Grey and was not what I’d hoped it to be. It wasn’t bad, but I was looking forward to the lovely scent and taste of jasmine and came away empty handed so I unfortunately cannot rate it any higher than a 3.

Lavender Earl Grey

Rating: 4.3/5

What a lovely refreshing floral tea! You can definitely smell the scent of lavender and like Rose Garden, the tea tastes as it smells so there are no false expectations. This tea would make a great after dinner tea or anytime you need a refreshing cuppa. While I did thoroughly enjoy every sip of the Lavender Earl Grey, Rose Garden still remains my favourite among the floral tea range.

Blossom Earl Grey

Rating: 4.2/5

Having no expectations of Blossom Earl Grey, and as odd as it may sound, I approached this cup of tea with great excitement and curiosity. The aroma of the blossom wasn’t too overpowering and tasted as it smelled — I think that’s a bit part of the test for me, if something tastes as it smells. A lovely blend of sweet orange blossom flavour and citrus bergamot, this tea passed with flying colours!

4 thoughts on “Which Earl Grey Are You?

  1. Rose Garden is my current favourite, although I do really like the Jasmine Earl Grey (I agree, though, not very jasmine-y). I must find somewhere that sells the Blossom Earl Grey, it sounds perfect for me 😀

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