Formex: Nordic Design Heaven

If you’re an interior designer or textile manufacturer, chances are you’ll have heard of Formex – the largest interior design fair for Nordic design. It takes place in Stockholm and is open to the general public and anyone who is active in gifts, home textiles and furnishings to show off their goods and meet other like-minded people in the industry. Although I doubt we’ll ever make it to one of the two shows that are put on each year, one can still dream and of course not just of Moomins but of all the other pretty things for the eyes to feast on.


But of course one of my favourites is a Moomin exhibition (pictured above) designed by interior designer Frida Wanselius at the autumn Formex fair of 2010. And this year’s Moomin exhibition, again created by Frida, proved to be quite impressive!

Formex 2013Have any of you been lucky enough to attend one of the trade shows? If yes, please do share a link to your favourite exhibitions!

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