10 Things To Do In Maui

maui collageWe’re getting very excited for our trip to Maui, which is now less than two weeks away! In addition to beach hopping and doing absolutely nothing, we hope to experience as much of this beautiful island as possible. If you have any suggestions, do let us know!

  1. Turtle Town – I’ve been longing to swim with sea turtles since I missed my chance in Cairns, no thanks to being horribly seasick. That said, we’re also aware of the recent shark attacks that have occurred around Maui so we’ll have to just see how things go.
  2. Feast at Lele  – We went back and forth between the Feast at Lele and the Old Lahaina Luau and finally decided on the Feast at Lele, as it had better food reviews. Although not deemed as an ‘authentic’ luau, we realised we didn’t really care to be seated with rows of strangers and have to queue for a mediocre buffet. Hopefully the food at Lele will live up to our expectations!
  3. Foodland – I love visiting local supermarkets so Maui will be no exception. Not to mention, seems a logical destination to pick up some items for our picnics/hikes. If we don’t get a chance to pick our own Kula strawberries, I hope to find some to try here!
  4. Road to Hana – Bamboo forests, breathtaking views, and more. If you have time, plan to stay at least on night in Hana to get the most out of the drive. We ended up booking a night at Hana Kai.
  5. Twin Falls Farm Stand – Twin Falls are the first waterfalls on the Road to Hana and what better way to start off the adventure with some fresh local fruit! Although they don’t seem to sell ice cream, the location and set up of the stand remind me of the Daintree Ice Cream Company in Cairns.
  6. Haleakala Sunrise – We keep hearing how amazing the sunrise is from the summit of Haleakala National Park so we’re definitely going to make an effort to see it.
  7. Maui Swap Meet – No holiday is complete without a bit of shopping and although we were not impressed with the past flea markets we’ve visited (sorry Kolaportið), you just never know what you might find.
  8. Mama’s Fish House – I can’t wait to try as much local seafood as possible and many friends have told us Mama’s is the place to be.
  9. Aloha Mixed Plate – The place to go for some local food. Hubs had better learn to share while we’re in Hawaii, otherwise we’ll both be back on our way to chub-doom. From what I remember from past visits, there’s American-sized portions and then there’s Hawaiian-sized plates.
  10. Maui Farmer’s Market – It looks like there are farmer’s markets located all over Maui and not just on the weekends so it will be fun to explore all that is available.

4 thoughts on “10 Things To Do In Maui

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! I haven’t been to Maui in a decade, and I can still smell the beautiful air in my imagination. I don’t know if any of my Maui tips would be any good, seeing as I haven’t been in so long. It looks like you’ve got your bases covered, anyway. 🙂 Wheeeee, turtles!

    • Ufufu…we can’t wait! 🙂 I’ve been to Oahu and the Big Island more recently but haven’t been to Maui since I was erm…four according to me mum, so it will be the first time I can remember going! That said, I do remember my father pretending to swim in Waikiki — I realised he was pretending when I went out there a few years ago and could walk quite far out keeping my head above water. Ha! You’ll have to plan a return visit soon!

    • We have to connect. I’d rather not do long-hauls either but when I think about all the adventures we’d miss out on I can’t resist! And tropical weather is not for everyone — we nearly died in Cairns but missed the intense heat and humidity the second we left. Ha!

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