Celebrating Cath Kidston

This year Cath Kidston (the brand) celebrates their 20th birthday. Cath Kidston (the woman herself) has long been a huge inspiration so I was pleased to read of her growing success in The Telegraph. Since I was feeling nostalgic for my Uni days, I decided to pick up a few things from my favourite modern vintage designer.  Although some may argue that it’s a love-it-or-hate-it brand when it comes to the iconic floral motifs but dots, spots, polka dots — what’s there to hate?

Cath Kidston Mushroom Open Carry-All BagI absolutely adore this mushroom bag, as it makes me want to go foraging for them in the wild. Seriously. I’ve been on a spots trend this year, and from another quick peek at what’s new, I’ve discovered that the big spot foldaway tote is now available in red so it looks like I’m going to have to go back (sigh…).

Mushroom and Big Spot Tea Towels and Big Spot Double Oven Glove

I love that Cath Kidston is doing so well and has expanded to the global market, which hopefully means the brand will be around for another 20 years to come!

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