Cath Kidston Washi Tape

In addition to my obsession with Moomins, I also have a slight obsession with washi tape (updated collection here). Every time I tell myself I’m done buying new tape I somehow end up with a few more rolls. It’s not like I have a huge need for them, but I just love all the pretty colours and designs and kind of collect them with the hope that having these pretty tapes will inspire me to become a skilled crafter (or whatever the proper term is). Evidently, my first washi tape set was from Cath Kidston (bottom right) and I recently found a new set (pictured top left below) and decided I had to add it to my collection.

Cath Kidston Washi TapeAs you can see I have barely used my first set, which I’m pretty sure I found over three years ago. So I decided to make some simple note cards and even then I still have plenty more left to use. But…if you know me, you know I find it difficult to use all my pretty things. *sigh*

And while these aren’t from Cath Kidston, I was happy to find these Cath Kidston inspired gift boxes from Daiso (in Japan), which I still haven’t used after all these years. I bought them with the intention of baking some delicious goodies for a friend but you see, one must be skilled at baking in order to do that, and we all know that is not me. If you have any fool proof recipes, I’m willing to try my hand again at baking!

Cath Kidston inspired gift boxes


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