Moomin Challenge Revisited

Maui was fabulous but reality isn’t so bad either when you have a Moomin obsession. At the start of the summer I embarked on a Moomin Challenge. Things were going so well. Even with some breaks to accommodate visitors, I made it to Phase Three (12 weeks) — at this rate, I might even consider training for a marathon! Or not…! My excitement was short-lived. It took a lot of will power to pick up after our guests returned and then we left for Maui. We did go on a hike and went for several swims on holiday, but it was too hot (for us) to run and I cannot say that our activities were physically challenging.  A lot of lying about doing nothing happened, but that is to be expected!

Moomin Stationery I had cleverly pre-ordered my prize before finishing the challenge (yes, I know it’s like requesting a gold medal before actually earning it).  But now that my Moomin Challenge prize has arrived, I’m at the point where I have to decide if I can commit to the last 2 months of the challenge and consider the prize a midway boost or just let it fizzle out.

Moomin Parasol/UmbrellaI feel a bit foolish for having jumped the gun on the prize, and I know I’d feel guilty “accepting” it if I did not give the challenge another go. For that reason and an even more exciting and important reason (more to come on that in another post), I started again at the weekend and will finish the challenge by the end of November!

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