Haupia Pie

Haupia is a popular coconut milk-based dessert from Hawaii, which is often served at luaus. I’m generally not a fan of coconut flavoured things unless it is fresh out of the coconut shell. But there is something about the combination of coconut milk, sugar, and cornflour that makes it tasty. McDonald's AlohaThe local Hawaiian greetings caught my eye as we drove by this McDonlad’s so we decided to stop for pics and I debated whether or not to have SPAM, Egg and Rice at McDonald’s for brekkie. Instead I opted for the Haupia Pie and am happy I did! The pie’s flaky golden brown exterior fried to perfection with creamy coconut filling and chunks of nata de coco was simply delicious and it only cost $1!

Mc Donald's Haupia PieEven if you’re not a fan of coconut, I highly recommend giving the Macca’s pies a go. I enjoyed the first one so much I had another before we went home. Seriously, they were that good!

McDonalad's Mahalo

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