Get Ready For Another Moomin Christmas!

It’s shaping up to be another very Moomin Christmas and I’m excited to add a new advent calendar to our Moomin collection. This was the first calendar from Martinex I bought last year. Make no mistake, this gem is still unopened and in mint condition! Ufufu.

Moomin Advent CalendarThis year will be no different with the new 2013 Moomin Advent Calendar I’ve just procured.

Moomin Christmas Advent Calendar 2013I love the wintry boat theme and can’t wait to display the boxes to add to our Moomin winter festivities. I don’t think we’ll be going overboard with new Moomin purchases this year (unless Santa decides to bring us some). That said, can I be cheeky and drop a massive hint that I wouldn’t mind receiving this for Christmas? Seeing as Finland may have to wait, I’m so tempted to get this set now! But more on that later…

Moomin Christmas Advent Calendar 2013-Characters

What are you doing to get ready for a very Moomin Christmas?

8 thoughts on “Get Ready For Another Moomin Christmas!

  1. well, i got my new moomin christmas mug, moomin napkins and i have a wonderful felt moomin family made for me by a friend as a farewell gift! now all i need is snow and frost 🙂

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