Kidrobot x Moomin


I have this wonderful feeling that 2014 will be the year that Moomin dreams come true. And I’m not just talking about sweet surprises from friends sent in the post, such as these lovely mystery keyrings.


I had no idea Kidrobot had partnered with Moomin! I felt quite lucky and loved when I opened the packets to discover what I like to call “Camping Moomin” and these cute Hattifatteners.

MoominandHattifatteners.jpgThe first Moomin adventure of the year will happen in February — more to come on that, and the next one hopefully will be in summer. I simply cannot wait to share the news! I’m practically squealing with excitement as I write this! In the meantime, should probably try to get rid of this oncoming cold. Being sick is not fun at all, even if you have a Moomin to cuddle.

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