Moomin Bakery and Cafe

I’ve long dreamt of visiting the Moomin Bakery and Cafe in Tokyo and I can’t believe we were actually there just one week ago. We were on such a tight schedule (with the main focus of our visit being the Tokyo Marathon) that we almost didn’t have a chance to go. Can you imagine how gutted I would have been had we missed it?! It still feels like a dream, minus the awful jetlag that I can’t seem to shake.

Short walk from Oedo Station to Laqua. There were still patches of snow here and there from the storm that hit several days before we arrived.

Short walk from Oedo Station to Laqua. There were still patches of snow here and there from the storm that hit several days before we arrived.

There are actually two Moomin Cafes in Tokyo, one is the original Moomin Bakery and Cafe in Tokyo Dome City (Laqua) and a newer Moomin House Cafe in Tokyo Skytree Town.  Perhaps we’ll check out Skytree the next time we’re in Tokyo when we’re less rushed and can actually have a nice cup of tea and a proper sit down (sorry hubs, I don’t think you’ll ever escape Moomin).

Moomin Bakery and Cafe

The cafe was everything I had imagined, full of Moomin goodness!


The Moomin Bakery and Cafe is laid out in three sections. There is a bakery to the left, in the centre there is a shop full of Moomin merchandise, and to the right is the cafe where patrons can sit with oversized plush Moomins and enjoy Moomin-themed delights. We got there around 10 a.m. on Saturday and the cafe was already full of people.

Moomin Baked Goods

Chocolate cakes filled with framboise jam.

Unfortunately, having just arrived in Japan the night before, we were still recovering from our long journey and not the least bit hungry. Shame, as all the baked goods looked and smelled amazing!

Baked Hattifatteners

Baked Hattifattener sausage rolls!

I can’t say I was wildly impressed with the selection of Moomin merchandise in the shop. But that may also be due to the fact that I already owned all the good stuff (for which I’m ever so grateful but slightly ashamed to admit…)!

Itoya Moomin Section

Moomin display in Itoya (stationery chain in Japan).

In fact, I was quite well-behaved this entire trip being surrounded my Moomin everywhere. We even found Moomin displays in Itoya, my absolute favourite stationery shop, but I simply appreciated it for what it was and walked away. Well done, me! Ha!

Moomin merchandise inside Moomin Cafe.

I did, however, pick up some new Moomin letter writing paper and more Moomin lunch napkins.

20140308-161542.jpgI debated whether or not to get the entire Moomin family but in the end, with great difficulty, I walked away from these cute little faces. The photos will have to suffice–I must keep reminding myself that I have plenty of Moomins in the house and don’t need more!

20140303-184529.jpgI was so sad when we had to leave. It was hard to really enjoy myself knowing the hubs was waiting outside in the cold. I’d love to come back again some day with some Moomin-loving friends and enjoy the atmosphere a bit more.

Moomin Bakery and Cafe So I guess it’s until next time…! Mata ne, Moomin!


9 thoughts on “Moomin Bakery and Cafe

  1. I wish if the Moomin Shop in Covent Garden also does cafe and bakery too! The Japanese do way better when it comes down to promoting kawaii charactors. I am still missing Japanese style sweet & savoury bread rolls…

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