Artbox and Moomins – 15% OFF

I thought it’d be nice to take a wee break from all this travel talk and focus for a minute on an amazing offer from Artbox, the ultimate online retailer for all things kawaii, and my go to shop for all things Moomin!  Artbox is staying true to their promise and offering a special 15% discount since they reached their goal of having more than 4,500 followers by the end of March. They now have about 5,400+, so congrats to them and huzzah for us! I have been debating whether or not to get Arabia’s new Moominpappa and Moominmamma mugs, but now it looks like I may just have to get both! I love when such difficult decisions are made easy for me! Ufufu…

New-adventures-with-Moomin-Mama-and-Moomin-Papa Simply click on the Artbox icon below or any one of the links above to begin shopping and enter this lovely little voucher code at checkout: YD73DH. The offer is valid for 24 hours only on 1 April, 2014, presumably Greenwich Mean Time so if you’re ordering from abroad, please note the time difference. I should probably also emphasise that this is NOT a joke! But the joke will be on you if you don’t hurry up and place your order on April Fool’s Day!

Artbox Kawaii Shop

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