Super Saturdays Are Back!

Moomin fans! The long awaited Arabia Moomin 2014 summer seasonal collection, “Sailing with Niblings and Tooticky,” is finally available! If you’ve been waiting, like me, to get your hands on a mug then get ready to buy one at 10% OFF from Artbox this Saturday as Artbox Super Saturdays are back! 

moomin summer mug and bowl 2014I love Artbox as they carry a wide selection of Moomin merchandise (in addition to all things kawaii), are quick to fill your order, offer reasonable international shipping, and always offer the best price for Moomin mugs. Hopefully they’ll consider carrying the bowls, as well, for limited edition collections!

moomin summer 2014Here’s the voucher code for 10% off everything for this Saturday, 19 April 2014: 0V5HED (to be clear, that’s zero-V-5-H-E-D). Happy shopping and don’t forget to spread the joy!

Artbox Kawaii Shop

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