Sailing with Nibling & Too-Ticky

The power of Moomins — they never fail to lift me up when I’m feeling blue or completely uninspired. Just as I thought I would die of complete boredom, this beautiful Moomin mug appeared on my desk from Artbox UK! I love it so much I’m tempted to get another one…hmm! It’s at the top of my favourite Moomin mugs, right up there with the Moomin Love mug, and Moominmamma Rose Garden mug (both of which I somehow ended up with two of each). Perhaps to continue with the tradition I should get another 2014 Summer mug after all!  

Sailing with Nibling & Too-TickyI also love the new postcard with Moomin and Sniff on a raft, but I’m rather surprised that the back would be so sloppily done. I don’t know much about the makers (Star Editions Ltd.) but if you’re going to print something, you may as well print it right the first time. Attention to detail is key! This was the better of the three that I ordered but the other two have cut off the “N” in Moomin! This one barely escapes the edge of the card.

Moomin and Sniff postcardIn any case, we’re chuffed enough to be smiling again. A little Moomin goes a long way! Here is the 10% off voucher code for Saturday, 3 May: UCKLU. Happy shopping!

Artbox Kawaii Shop

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