What UKIP Needs: Super Poo!

If you follow UK politics, you may have heard about some anti-UKIP supporters that have been sending faeces to the party at their own expense. What kind of person sends poo to a political party?! I never thought I’d have to add “dislike when people send boxes of shit in the post” to a long list of reasons why I’m not fond of politics. Sure it may be costing UKIP a bit to receive your smelly poo, but do you realise how insulting such actions are to postal workers? I hope you lot have remembered to put your name and return address on the box so they can “return to sender”.

If you must send poo-themed items to UKIP, why not send some Super Poo from Artbox UK, who are offering free delivery on all UK orders? I personally love the poo shaped sharpener. Aren’t they just adorable? UKIP seem to be constantly under attack these days, and after this shitstorm I’m sure they could do with a bit of cheer. When in doubt, always choose kawaii.

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