Snacking on Mt. Fuji

I’ve been obsessed with Mt. Fuji since our recent trip to Japan and it’s nice that my relationship with the majestic mountain does not have to end there! Since we had already overloaded our luggage, I was banned from buying anything from the duty free in Japan but thanks to Mr. S, I was able to quell my desire for some “Mt. Fuji” Kit Kat as he just so happened to buy a box on his recent trip home.

Mt.Fuji Kit KatIt’s actually just strawberry cheesecake flavoured Kit Kat, in Mt. Fuji themed packaging. Call me a fool (or a marketing man’s dream), but I believe packaging does matter and in this case enhanced the relatively unimpressive and bland flavour of the actual Kit Kat. I wouldn’t be so obsessed with just plain strawberry cheesecake Kit Kat, if it were not for the Mt. Fuji box it came in.

I also recently received a delicious box of Mt. Fuji chocolate crunch from Mr. K. I had also seen these at the duty free and was curious but skeptical of their taste, but to my surprise they were lovely. And they get extra points for being shaped like miniature Mt. Fujis. Arigato, Mr. K!

Mt. Fuji Chocolate Crunchjpg

While we’re on the topic of Japanese sweets and snacks, I might as well introduce my favourite Kit Kat flavour: Sakura Matcha Kit Kat. The subtle floral essence combined with matcha make for a lighter, more fragrant green tea flavour. It’s not too sweet and great with tea!

Sakura Matcha Kit Kat

What are some of your favourite snacks from Japan or elsewhere?

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