EU Elections and Beyond

Like with tastes, one’s political views may also change with time. When I was younger I undoubtedly stood with Labour — they are the people’s party, after all. Some of my earlier posts also state that I support Labour. So what’s changed?

Just as I believe that where you are born should not decide whether you live, where you are born does not mean that you can mooch off the system until death (even if the system somehow allows for it). These days (although obviously not true of all) I feel that Labour seem to be supported by a bunch of mooching layabouts. Everywhere you go, you hear people complaining about getting their benefits cut and how it affects them not being able to afford cigarettes or a bigger telly.

This may all be media hype, but don’t get me started on mums having as many children as possible because the more they have, the more they can claim. Quite frankly, I’m fed up with people abusing the system while friends and family work their arses off to keep the country afloat. It’s one thing needing a bit of assistance while trying to get back on your feet. But it’s shameful when you piss and moan about your country not doing anything for you when you’ve done f**k all for it. On top of that, who can trust a man who doesn’t like bacon to lead a party?!

Oops. That just turned into a bit of a rant — not exactly sure where all that came from. But I really can’t be associated with a party that seems to be dragging Britain down. Not to mention, if UKIP council candidate Bobby Anwar was in fact attacked by his neighbour, who is reportedly an avid Labour supporter, then those that have been demonising UKIP also share responsibility for the act. Violence and sending shit in the post have no place in politics. Full stop.

I generally can’t be bothered with politics but these recent occurrences surrounding the impending EU elections have really upset me. And I’ve been thinking, if Labour are out, then who? I decided to give EUVOX (EU-wide voting advice application) a go and see which party actually better fit my beliefs. I was neutral for a few questions but the results were interesting. Most of my responses were definitely not in line with Labour but to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how to anaylse the rest of the results (feel free to enlighten me).  In the end, I suppose there will never be a perfect party. But if you’re that passionate about your party, perhaps it’s better to represent it in a more civilised and intelligent way so as not to taint their image or introduce new problems to society.

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