Trending: Edible Nori Cups!

Apparently this is old news amongst Japanese mums and housewives, but I was so excited to find about edible seaweed cups or, if you prefer a direct translation, ready-to-eat nori cups (そのまま食べられるのりカップ) that I just had to try them!

Edible Seaweed Cups

I don’t often make bento for myself or the hubs but I thought we could have mini sushi parties at home and the size of the cups would help with portion control! The “M” sized cups are only slightly larger than the size of mini-cupcake wrappers so they’re great for making bite-sized sushi. Each cup is separated by paper liners, making it easy to unstack the individual cups.

Nori CupsThe roasted seaweed tastes great and the cups are easier to use than expected. When filling these cups, it is best not to use ingredients that contain too much sauce and the rice needs to be cooled. Serve immediately to avoid the cups losing their shape.

Nori Cup SushiNot only do these nori cups make for a healthy snack, they also cut down on packaging waste, so they’re good for you and the environment!

Nor Cup Sushi 2

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