Sneakersnstuff x Moomin x Karhu


Sneakersnstuff have teamed up with Moomin and Karhu, two very iconic Finnish brands, to create some fun and practical trainers for the Moomin enthusiast.  I tried to convince the hubs that owning my very own pair would allow me to complete my Moomin fitness challenges in style, but alas I have been banned from purchasing them. Wot?! Not even for my upcoming birthday?! I’m gutted, to say the least, but I thought I should still share this with you, as these are just so lovely!

Moomin Sneakers

Photo Credit: Sneakersnstuff

I love the bright colours and design, although I’ll admit it may be a wee bit difficult to match them with anything other than jeans and a tee-shirt. I’m sure I could make it work, if only given the chance to own a pair (just in case the hubs is reading this and wants to surprise me, I’m a UK5/US6). Who could resist these clever Moomin comics insoles?

Photo credit: Sneakersnstuff

Photo credit: Sneakersnstuff

I’ll be dead jealous to know if you own a pair (but also happy for you) so if you do, let us know if they’re comfortable and help me build a stronger case to get my own!

1 thought on “Sneakersnstuff x Moomin x Karhu

  1. they are so cool! there are different colours on there you definitely could wear with other things! I know you have got lots of things, but this is not simply ornamental. It is actually practical. haahahahah 🙂

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