The Ups and Downs of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Every four years I look forward to the FIFA World Cup and every time it finally comes around, I am reminded that the consolation of having multiple loyalties from living in several countries does not take away the pain of watching your favourite teams lose. This year’s results have been no different. Nevermind the losing, simply watching England play can be — and often is — a painful experience. Japan also gave some pretty embarrassing performances (no offense to Greece, but seriously?) and both countries were knocked out in the early stages.

I’m not one for wishing any team to do poorly but there’s a first time for everything and Uruguay have Luis Suárez to blame. The 4 month ban is a bit soft, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. I’m still completely unimpressed with Uruguay and am happy that they did not go through! Even a child knows that biting is not permitted on the playground, let alone an adult at work! If I bit someone at work even once I’d probably be sacked (not to mention my sanity would be questioned).

The US may have lost the match against Belgium but they put up a good fight, or rather Tim Howard did and was no doubt the man of the hour. In case you missed it, he’s the goalie for the US national team that finished with 16 saves. Simply amazing.

Photo: dpa

Photo: dpa

So that left me to find new teams to support and I wished so much more for the host country, Brazil, but last night’s match still feels like a dream (or nightmare). I remember checking the Google several times, thinking there must be a glitch with the score, but then I turned on the game and confirmed that the impossible was in fact true. To be fair, Germany were in fine form, or perhaps Brazil were just horrible. Oddly, we all seem to be more focused on their defeat and not Germany’s victory. Either way, it’s never easy to watch grown men cry, let alone sweet little children who looked just devastated as Germany scored goal after goal in the first 30 minutes of the match.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

And then of course there is Oranje, who I am quietly supporting as it seems every time I openly support a team, they lose, with the exception of the match against Costa Rica. Although they give me a heart attack every time, I love penalty shootouts! Hup Hollande en Oranje Boven!

Photo: OnsOranje

Photo: OnsOranje

Update: I don’t understand why Holland didn’t put Tim Krul in again. Penalty shootouts are exciting but now that I think about it, they’re not the most fair way to end a match. I’m torn about who to support for the final. Can’t really be bothered with all the heartache anymore and I’m not particularly attached to Germany or Argentina. Hmm… who are you supporting?

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