Monkey Does Vancouver

Taro, aka Monkey, made a new friend while we were in Vancouver. His name is Jiro, which means ‘second son’ in Japanese. We spent most of our free time walking around Canada Place and Stanley Park while the weather was nice. On our last day, which happened to be the first rainy day of our trip, we visited Vancouver Aquarium (inside Stanley Park)–it was much smaller than I expected. We also went on a touristy (but worthy of your time and money) flight simulation ride, FlyOver Canada. We don’t normally do touristy things (although I do love tourist tat) but this was by far the best tourist attractions we’ve ever experienced. It was totally unexpected and we’d totally do it again. Every country should have something like this to showcase the best of what they have to offer!

5 thoughts on “Monkey Does Vancouver

    • Thanks for stopping by! Monkey’s favourite spot was Stanley Park–so much to do and see! And oh! We didn’t take photos of the hotels this time but your website reminded me that I should for the next trip (Monkey will be driving across the US, coast to coast)!

      • This will be the first time we won’t have planned any routes or reserved any hotels so I’m not sure the hotels will be photo worthy (I imagine the middle of America to be rather bare and gloomy in winter) but I’ll take some just in case!

      • Oh, that’s sounds like spontaneity! That kind of trip may be even more interesting than a normal “planned one”. So one thing in advance: Enjoy it and don’t think about photos too much 😉

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